The 3 P’s in Event Planning

As I steadily built my business and clientele largely through word of mouth and family and friends, I slowly realized a few core principles  that every event planner should possess to survive in this business.  As you grow and continue to build your network of customers and suppliers you begin to observe a few characteristics of the successful business owners.

I remember in one of my first marketing class in university our professor reminded of the 4P’s in marketing.  Product, Price, Placement and Promotion.  Product being the goods or services you are offering in your market.  Price of course is the value that you sell your particular product or service.  Placement on how you distribute your product or service to market and finally the media and medium you use to actually promote your product and generate sales.

Well, I’d like to share 3 P’s that I believe are very important when selecting an event planner for your wedding or corporate event.  I categorise them as Proof, Personality and Performance.

Proof:  Yes, we all enrol in some form of formal education for event management and party planning and this definitely sets the foundation to set us on the path of specializing in the field, but the real proof in the pudding is the number of events and the size of the events you have managed and planned.  As an event planner you are a project manager and your goal is really to create a schedule and then execute that schedule with the appropriate resources and vendors.  When looking for that party/event planner make sure you interview them to understand their past events, the size of their events and what their success level has been. More importantly make sure to ask for references and follow-up on those references.  A glamorous website and glossy business cards are a dime a dozen.  Having done your homework can put your mind at ease when it comes time to a successful wedding or corporate event.

Personality: There are approximately 638 Primary Personality traits and within them 234 of them are considered Positive Traits.  When looking for that event planner that you are going to be working with on a regular basis for your special event make sure the 2 of you gel and get along. Someone who understands your vision and is able to execute on it.  An individual who can communicate, commit and act with confidence and has a positive attitude.

Performance:  They say a measure of a man (or a woman for that matter) is not how one acts when things are going smoothly, but how one acts when one is truly challenged. When selecting that event planner make sure that they have experienced challenges with the execution of their events.  A resourceful event planner always has a Plan B in the back of their pocket. When a challenge or a roadblock appears, they seamlessly remove the barrier with no one the wiser.  You want that calibre of even planner on your side!

Well those are my 3P principles when selecting a top notch even planner. Until my next post happy planning and executing!

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